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About Me

Matthew Rimmer is a man that believes actions speak louder than words. He moved from Atlanta, GA in 1998 to pursue a film acting career. In the six years he has lived here he has performed on many stages, appeared in a number of independent films, national commercials, and TV shows. In August 2004, a short film that he wrote and starred in, DUEL, won BEST FILM at The Hermosa Short Film Festival.

A stage actor since 8 years of age, he has played everything from loving husbands to angry killers. From cameo appearances to lead roles, Matthew has covered a number of DIFFERENT characters. Although labeled a character actor, he is the man for ANY role.

Browse this website. See for yourself. Matthew Rimmer is not only an accomplished actor, he is a reputable person. With a love of his craft, he is an asset to every production he is a part of.

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